Tourism: how to visit Disneyworld in Florida

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Visit Disney World in Florida is a magical experience for young and old. Here are some tips for a memorable visit:

  1. Pre-planning : Check the Disney website for times, tickets and accommodation options. Book your tickets in advance to avoid queues at the entrance.

  2. Choice of park : Disney World includes four parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Choose based on your group’s interests.

  3. Accommodation : Disney offers themed hotels at different budgets. Staying at a Disney hotel offers perks like early access to the parks.

  4. Visit plan : Check the schedules of attractions and shows. Use the My Disney Experience app to create a personalized itinerary and get real-time wait times.

  5. FastPass+ : Use this service to reserve time slots for some popular attractions, avoiding long queues.

  6. Arrive early : The parks are less crowded in the morning. Take advantage of this time to visit the most popular attractions.

  7. Hydration and sun protection : Florida can be very hot. Bring water and sunscreen, and wear light clothing.

  8. Meals and snacks : Make reservations for popular restaurants. Pack snacks to avoid feeling hungry between meals.

  9. Meet the characters : Check the character encounter times and plan accordingly if this is of interest to your group.

  10. Shows and fireworks : Make sure you don’t miss the nightly shows. They are unforgettable.

  11. Enjoy the details : Disney parks are designed with great attention to detail. Take the time to appreciate the magical atmosphere.

  12. Take breaks : The parks are large, so take breaks to rest and cool off.

By following these tips, you will have an unforgettable experience at Disney World Florida. Make the most of the magic of this enchanting place.

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