Tourism: 5 typical destinations to discover the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is a tropical paradise of a thousand faces, offering white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a colorful culture. Here are five emblematic destinations to immerse yourself in this corner of paradise.

  1. Havana, Cuba : The Cuban capital fascinates with its unique blend of colonial charm and contemporary vitality. The cobblestone streets of La Vieja Habana, old American cars and salsa music make for an unforgettable cultural experience.

  2. St. LUCIA : This emerald island is an ode to the natural beauty of the Caribbean. The majestic Pitons, lush green mountains plunging into the Caribbean Sea, provide ideal terrain for hiking and exploring.

  3. The Bahamas : With its pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the Bahamas embody the classic image of a tropical paradise. Nassau, the capital, offers a lively atmosphere mixing culture, history and entertainment.

  4. Antigua and Barbuda : This island nation consists of two sister islands that enchant visitors with their pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Antigua is also renowned for its world-class boating facilities.

  5. Saint Martin / Sint Maarten : Shared between France and the Netherlands, this island offers unique cultural diversity. Visitors can enjoy heavenly beaches, delicious restaurants and a lively atmosphere, while experiencing the two cultures coexisting harmoniously.

Each Caribbean destination offers its own charm, whether it’s the history and music of Havana, the breathtaking scenery of St. Lucia, the idyllic beaches of the Bahamas, the sailing of Antigua and Barbuda, or the cultural duality of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten. The Caribbean is truly a diverse treasure to explore.

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