Tour de France: 100 hours of delays for luggage on Vueling

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It all ended well for some Dutch cyclists taking part in the Tour de Francethe airline company low cost Vueling still taking five days to deliver them lost luggage.

The riders including Mike Teunissen, Ramon Sinkeldam, Lars van der Berg and Nils Eekhoff, last week took flight VY8355 from the Spanish specialist in low-cost flights between Amsterdam Schiphol and the airport of Bilbaowhere the start of the race was held on July 1, 2023. Bad luck: their luggage did not follow

Mike Teunissen was among the most vocal on social media, but announced the arrival of the luggage on Sunday (without specifying whether it was finally delivered to San Sebastián). Vueling, for its part, explained that disruptions in the baggage transport system at Schiphol airport were the cause of the incident.

The lack of personal effects apparently had no impact on the race.

Tour de France: 100 hours of baggage delays on Vueling 2 Airlines and Destinations

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