Toulouse-Blagnac: an ultra-fast charging station for electric cars

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L’Toulouse-Blagnac airport makes available to all, a fast electric vehicle charging stationimplemented and operated by the company ELECTRA located at the entrance to the platform.

Sixteen places arranged on 8 terminals, sheltered by shades equipped with photovoltaic panels, allow all types of electric vehicles, whatever their size or brand, to connect. An additional advantage: its price. With a kW offered at 0.49 cents, it is the cheapest station of this type in the Toulouse area.

Equipped with T2, Combo CCS and Chademo cables, the station offers a charging offer for all types of electric vehicles. The 16 seats can deliver a power of up to 300kW, that is to say beyond the power levels accepted by current electric vehicles, and this, to be ahead of the very rapid developments of the walk.

The station also stands out from the existing offer by the ease of use of the service. The user can thus reserve their terminal remotely, recharge their vehicle and pay via several payment methods (including international): with a recharge pass, a bank card or the Electra application (which offers additional services to users). ).

The driver can also benefit during his charging time from various vehicle maintenance services (windshield cleaning kits, vacuum cleaner, tire inflation, etc.) or relaxation (planted waiting area with furniture, free wifi, distribution drinks, …). A relatively short waiting time nevertheless, thanks to the efficiency of the terminals, allowing on average to charge 60 to 80% of your battery in less than 20 minutes.

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