TOs see strong recovery in travel bookings

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The SETO (Union of Tour Operating Companies) presented promising results. The summer of 2023 was excellent, and the winter of 2023-2024 looks good. This was declared by the president of the union, René Marc Chikli. SETO brings together a majority of tour operators based in France.


The winning (medium-haul) destinations of the 2023 season

Tunisia: 179,220 customers

Greece (islands): 170,815 customers

Balearic Islands: 159,956 customers

Greece cont. : 121,912 customers

Morocco: 109,658 customers

Canary Islands: 106,057 customers

Spain cont. : 67,461 customers

Türkiye: 66,035 customers

Italy cont. : 52,265 customers

Egypt: 54,889 customers

We can therefore report that Tunisia is back. Turkey is unfortunately in decline due to various factors.

Bravo Club: a new brochure valid until summer 2024
Bravo Club: a new brochure valid until summer 2024

The winning (long-haul) destinations of the 2023 season

Mauritius: 26,320 customers

United States: 24,437 customers

Rep Dom: 16,864 customers

Canada: 15,185 customers

Mexico: 13,814 customers

Indonesia: 12,114 customers

Tanzania: 12,043 customers

Antilles Fr: 11,093 customers

Japan: 7,829 customers

Thailand: 5,744 customers

Mauritius has returned to the level of what we knew before the Covid crisis. The Dominican Republic is declining in that there is a lack of air transport. Mexico returns to the top 10. In Indonesia, it is in fact the island of Bali which attracts French customers. Asia has returned slowly, but we should expect a good result in winter.

Estimates for winter packages 2023 – 2024

The reservations portfolio (as of August 31, 2023) for winter 2023-2024 (November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024) looks very positive:

– turnover up +41.6% with stable unit revenue (+1.1%)

– traffic for the entire activity up +40.1%.

These very good initial prospects should obviously be considered with caution in view of possible events disrupting activity. It should be noted that at the end of August the share of reservations in the final balance of the summer season is around 20%.

The first results for winter reveal several traffic trends:

– The Africa/Indian Ocean region continues its growth (+33.4%) with in particular the‘MAURITIUS (+25.2%).

– L’Asia makes a spectacular comeback (+114.8%).

– The Caribbean region is down (-6%) impacted by the poor performance of the Dominican Republic (-22%) while the French West Indies (+14.5%) is getting back on track.

– In the Middle-East, Egypta flagship destination, is experiencing strong growth (+192.8%).

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