Toronto-Pearson improves service and passenger experience

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In recent months, the Canadian airport Toronto Pearson has tangibly improved thepassenger experience in all of its operations.

According to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), the advancements have delivered faster check-in and boarding processes, reduced wait times and improved baggage infrastructure. these improvements have yielded significant results at the start of this summer season compared to last summer:

Punctuality : Toronto-Pearson currently sits 17th in FlightAware’s global on-time performance rankings compared to last place during the height of the industry’s recovery. At the same time last summer, punctuality was 35%. In recent weeks, it has reached 74.5%.
Luggage : Airlines manage baggage delivery, but Toronto Pearson Airport has made it an ongoing priority for collective improvement. The average wait time for all baggage arriving at the carousel from July 3-9 was 20 minutes, compared to 26 minutes last year. During the week of July 10-16, baggage service availability at Terminals 1 and 3 was 99.3% and 98.7%, respectively.
Held at the boarding gate : During the week of July 3-9, there was only one flight where passengers had to wait on board the aircraft at a Toronto-Pearson gate. The aircraft was held for nine minutes. This situation represents a marked improvement compared to last summer, when waiting for passengers at the boarding gate was a common practice due to congestion at customs. In the same week last year, there were 34 flights with an average hold time of 10 minutes.
Waiting time for security check : As passengers have experienced, waiting times for security screening for domestic and international flights at Terminals 1 and 3 have improved significantly since last summer. The most recent data from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) for the week of July 3-9 indicates that 91% of passengers passed through security within 15 minutes.
Waiting time at customs : Wait times to enter Canada at customs at Toronto Pearson airport are much shorter than last summer. Currently, the average passenger wait time at customs is seven minutes.

According to the GTAA, the effective implementation of the YYZ Express (online security screening) program and successful collaboration with the United States Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency, facilitated by the implementation of tools such as the Mobile Passport Control app and advance declaration, has resulted in expedited departure and arrival experiences.

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