TMR attacks Air Caraibes for abusive breach of contract

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The travel agency specializing in world tours has chartered the company Air Caraibes for a departure on November 12. The airline is said to have canceled the contract under various pretexts. Three weeks of discoveries, from east to west, from north to south and 200 registered participants, indicates the agency in FranceTVinfo

JM Ravon

TMR, an agency specializing in trips around the world

The result of 37 years of experience, Jean-Maurice Ravon has designed an itinerary around original stages: marveling at the Colonial Quarter of Old Havana; be moved by Cartagena de Indias, the main port of the Conquistadors classified by UNESCO; unravel the mysteries of Easter Island; in Tahiti, stay in paradise on earth; contemplate Sydney Bay (with an additional day of discoveries); finally visit the Temples of Angkor, jewels of Cambodia and Humanity; fall under the spell of Vietnam, land of dragons and legends, from Hanoi to Halong Bay; dreaming of the Arabian Nights of Samarkand, on the Silk Road…

Air Caraibes

Air Caraibes would have canceled the contract

The agency also claims that Air Caraibes chartered as a charter flight for this trip, canceled the contract citing the war in Ukraine and the rise in fuel prices.

Two arguments defeated by the agency which explains that the contract had been signed at the end of July, date at which this global and economic situation was already widely known.

Air Caraibes would claim an additional 600,000 euros

The air broker commissioned by TMR would have tried to negotiate with Air Caraibes. He explains that the company would ask for 600,000 euros more for this flight around the world. An adjustment that goes down badly with the agency. She declares “that there is not 600,000 euros of fuel in total for the entire trip and that she sees this increase as a breach of contract”. And to conclude that she is opposed to what she describes as blackmail, to this racket.

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