American Airlines has launched a new service that, for a fee, offers AAdvantage members an additional way to boost their mileage balances for a...

American Airlines has launched a new service that, for a fee, offers AAdvantage members an additional way to boost their mileage balances for a flight as they check in for it.

Named  AAdvantage Mileage Multiplier and available via American Airlines’ airport self-service check-in machines throughout the U.S., the new à la carte pricing option enables AAdvantage members to increase their mileage balance faster by purchasing extra AAdvantage bonus miles with every eligible flight.

Travel on purchased fares on American Airlines, American Eagle or American Connection, which are scheduled to depart within 24 hours, are eligible for the Mileage Multiplier offer. Bonus miles purchased through the Mileage Multiplier offer are added to the standard base miles and class-of-service bonus miles that AAdvantage members already earn for their flights. Mileage Multiplier bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification.

This photograph shows a Blended Winglet-equipped Boeing 767-300ER of American Airlines

AAdvantage Mileage Multiplier works as follows:

● Step 1: AAdvantage members will be given the option to purchase extra bonus miles in conjunction with their trips when checking in for their flights at airport self-service check-in machines. Customers who check in at will also be able to purchase Mileage Multiplier miles – they just have to visit a self-service check-in machine upon their arrival at the airport and select the ‘Reprint Boarding Pass’ or ‘Check Baggage’ option;

● Step 2: If a member’s flight is eligible for the Mileage Multiplier offer, the screen will present a bonus mile offer of double or triple miles, at an introductory cost of approximately $0.03 per mile plus applicable taxes, and will navigate the customer through the purchasing process; and

● Step 3: After the purchase is complete, the bonus miles will appear in the AAdvantage members’ account – in most cases, before customers arrives at their final destinations, according to American.

Examples of one-way-trip Mileage Multiplier pricing include: Miami-Turks & Caicos, base miles 578, with a 578 double-mileage bonus costing $18 and a 1,156 triple-mile bonus costing $35; Chicago O’Hare-DFW, 802 base miles, 802 bonus miles costing $25 and 1,604 triple-mileage costing $49; DFW-Miami, 1,121    base miles with 1,121 double-miles costing $34 and 2,242 triple-miles costing $68; Los Angeles-New York/JFK, base mileage of 2,475, 2,475 double-miles priced at $75 and 4,950 triple-miles priced at $149; and New York/JFK-Madrid, providing 3,589 base miles, with 3,589 double-miles costing $108 and 7,178    triple-miles costing $216.

Prices shown exclude 7.5 per cent excise tax, which is applied at the time of purchase. Prices and offers are subject to change and cancellation.

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