GroundLink will give a free Gogo Inflight Internet session to any passenger that books a car through its LimoRes retail brand while in-flight.

Inflight-connectivity provider Aircell has partnered with GroundLink, which claims to be the world’s largest marketplace for all forms of ground-travel services, to enable passengers to book ground transportation through Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Internet service while in the air.

GroundLink says that, in addition to offering excellent vehicles and prices that in some cases are less than a local taxi company, it will give a free Gogo Inflight Internet session to any passenger that books a car through its LimoRes retail brand while in-flight. The company’s ‘WiFi and Drive’ package is now available across the Gogo network of airlines.

Airline passengers can visit the Gogo portal during their flight and then follow a link for ground reservations in their destination cities, according to GroundLink, adding that passengers do not need to purchase a Gogo session to access the LimoRes Car & Limo Service website to take advantage of this offer.

Once a customer books a vehicle is booked, he or she instantly receives a code for a free Gogo Inflight Internet session. The customer can use the code immediately or save it to use on a future Gogo-enabled flight. The offer of a free Gogo session can also be claimed by customers who arrange ground transportation from the ground, says GroundLink.

“We’re excited to find a partner that not only has great cars, prices and service, but also one whose offer to busy travelers is greatly enhanced with a free Gogo session,” says Dave Bijur, vice president partnerships at Aircell. “Our ‘Wifi and Drive’ package is a great value. In addition to arranging ground transportation, Aircell’s technology can turn Gogo into a highly targeted and destination-specific e-commerce engine for travelers.”

LimoRes, powered by GroundLink, featured on the Gogo splash page in Virgin America's Red in-flight entertainment system

“As a company that is committed to reinventing ground travel, GroundLink is thrilled to partner with Gogo,” says said S. Daniel Leon, GroundLink’s vice president of strategy, corporate and business development. “We are in the process of rolling out Wi-Fi in all of our cars throughout the country and, with this partnership, our customers will be able to stay connected on their way to the airport, in the air with Gogo and back on the ground when they are on the way to their final destination. Indeed, for the first time, a day of travelling will no longer mean a day of being unproductive and offline.”

Today, Gogo is available on nearly 1,000 commercial aircraft and more than 3,500 daily flights in the Continental U.S. The service will continue to roll out on additional routes and airline partners throughout 2010 and beyond. With Gogo, passengers with wireless devices can browse the Web; access online music, games and podcasts; send and receive e-mail; and connect to virtual private networks while flying. The service provides passengers with full Internet access on any Wi-Fi-equipped laptop or personal electronic device at speeds similar to wireless mobile broadband services on the ground.

GroundLink’s technology, which powers LimoRes, provides ground-transportation service anywhere in the world from a single account. The company says it is committed to bringing ground transportation into the digital age by enabling all of its vehicles with WiFi.