TikTok and Instagram will overtake Facebook in promoting tourism

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TikTok will overtake Facebook in less than two years as the most popular space for young people seeking travel, activity and experience inspiration, according to new research from Arival and Phocuswright. Yet Instagram remains the most influential platform for those looking for what to do while travelling.

Facebook is losing influence with people under 35

The Arival report “The traveler of experiences 2023” confirms that Facebook is losing influence among the under 35s. But it’s not just the younger generation driving this trend, as more than one in five 35-54 year olds are also turning to the popular video platform to find things to do on vacation.

The short video is acclaimed

And it is that, as the assured Douglas Quinby , co-founder and CEO of Arival, “social networks are already a consolidated source of information and inspiration for travel planning” , but the rapid rise of short vertical video and the platforms that are popularizing it is poised to change the conventional traveler journey to purchase”.

Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly turning to TikTok and Instagram…

…to explore experiences and see what’s possible on their travels, instead of reading long reviews and product descriptions. These changes in the way young travelers discover and decide are profound, and the travel industry – and in particular the creators and sellers of tours, attractions and experiences – must incorporate this into their marketing and marketing strategy. content “.

Social networks are still present in the movements of Internet users: only 17% of under 55s said they would take part in a holiday experience without publishing anything about it.

A study of 4,000 adults, including in France

The study surveyed more than 4,000 adults in the US, UK, France and Germany in Q3 2022.

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