Three more Airbus A380s for Global Airlines

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The future airline Global Airlines announced that they had found three Airbus A380 additional resources for its fleet, with the launch of its transatlantic operations in Great Britain still scheduled for spring 2024 – still without destination, but with an expanding governance.

Having created surprise and some disbelief last month with the announcement of the acquisition of a first superjumbo from Doric Aviation, apparently the MSN006, the British startup announced on June 29, 2023 that it had “found the terms” (unquantified ) to buy three additional A380s. A statement simply mentions that “further details on the aircraft, acquisitions and their refurbishment will be released in the coming months.” Global Airlines CEO James Asquith, however, said: we are delighted to announce that we have agreed to purchase three additional A380s to join the global fleet. As I have always said, the A380 is the best plane in the skyand we will continue to seek other acquisition opportunities “.

The airline has yet to reveal its future networkwhich will connect a priori London in the United States – an already overloaded market. On the other hand, it appointed new members of its governance, the advisory board having been enriched since the beginning of June by Jacqueline Sutton (ex-Rolls Royce), Emma Henderson (ex-easyJet), Pierre Madrange (ex-XL Airways and SR Technics) and Ian Black (“20,000 flight hours on jumbo “). This council will be headed by Richard Stephenson (ex-director of the regulator CAA), who will also take on the role of commercial director.

Remember that by 2025, Global Airlines should, according to its founder, have a hundred long-haul aircraft. There First class on the A380 (about 471 seats in total) should be about 3 meters long and have a double bed and private toilets (like the Residence at Etihad Airways). She will be accompanied by Business class, Premium, Economy And ” Gamer (the latter in 1+3+1 with game consoles).

Three more Airbus A380s for Global Airlines 1 Airlines and Destinations
Three more Airbus A380s for Global Airlines 2 Airlines and Destinations

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