Three British Airways cabin crew lied about thefts in Rio

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Three crew members British Airwayswho claimed to have been robbed at Rio de Janeiro, had lied according to an investigation by the Rio de Janeiro civil police.

Two stewards aged 31 and 41 as well as a flight attendant of 39 years old invented versions from scratch to avoid being punished by the airline, says the local police after an investigation. The incident occurred in the early hours of September 5 and led the British airline to postpone flight BA-248 for more than 24 hours, between the airports of Rio – Galeão And from Heathrowin London, tells the local site G1.

According to the Special Tourism Support Office (Deat), it was revealed after investigation that the trio separated, and while one of them went to a favela in the Complexo do Alemão to consume apparently cocaine, two others went to another place to drink until late in the night, where they ended up losing one of their phones. They told everyone that the entire team had been robbed on their way to the airport. And because of the trauma, they couldn’t do their job.

“The investigation shows that they created these stories in an attempt to justify likely inappropriate behavior outside of company rules. But we know that a cell phone from one of the two men who were in Vaz Lobo was stolen.declared Deputy Delegate of the Deat, Danielle Bullus. “What is surprising is how a crew, who play such an important role, spends the whole night drinking and doing drugs, knowing that the next day they will have the responsibility of looking after dozens of people who will be traveling for hours “said Patrícia Alemany, head of Deat at the G1 site.

On the social network X (formerly Twitter), British Airways indicated that it could not comment at the moment because it “investigated internally” on the case.

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