This summer, these 10 countries saw the biggest increase in air traffic

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Summer is the most important time of the year for air traffic and companies are reluctant to take delivery of new aircraft during this period, as the main and most important objective is to maintain flight schedules stable. , without delays or major disasters.

There is good news and bad news. The bad news: Global flight bookings were still nearly 23% below pre-pandemic levels. The good: compared to the previous year, 31% more flight reservations were recorded. Analytics company Forward Keys provided statistics from last summer, here they are:

The United States almost at pre-crisis level

The ten most popular countries in terms of scheduled flight bookings weret the United States, ahead of Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, France, Mexico, Germany, Canada and Turkey. While the United States has almost reached pre-pandemic traffic levels (minus 1%), recovery in other countries is still awaited.

The main European markets, namely Germany (minus 21%), Great Britain (minus 20%) and France (minus 17%), are still almost a fifth below the 2019 level. The recovery is significantly slower in Asia: China is at minus 67 percent and in Japan, every second flight is still missing compared to summer 2019.

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