The TUI Care Foundation supports a series of events during which young people discuss issues that affect their generation.

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The OECD Youthwise initiative provides its members with a platform to gain a better understanding of major policy issues affecting young people, as well as policy-making processes. It also gives participants from 24 OECD countries the chance to give their opinion on a wide variety of topics and themes alongside OECD experts and external stakeholders, such as the TUI Care Foundation.

Recognizing the role of youth in shaping future policies, the OECD created Youthwise in 2021. This platform aims to bring the views and ideas of the younger generation to the international organization. An OECD intergenerational jury reviewed all applications to the program with a view to creating a diverse and representative group of young people. The 22 participants are on average 24.5 years old and represent 24 different OECD countries.

The initiative is based on face-to-face, virtual and hybrid interactive workshops, which are supported by the TUI Care Foundation and allow Youthwise members to gain a better understanding of the major political issues impacting their generation.

Alexander Panczuk, Executive Director of the TUI Care Foundation explained: “The voices of the younger generation need to be amplified. It is essential that young people are heard, especially on issues that impact their future, ranging from the transition from school to work and skills development to sustainable development and climate resilience. These are central themes in the mission of the TUI Care Foundation, which aims to have a positive impact in tourist communities, whether through training and skills development for disadvantaged young people or through the preservation and restoration of our terrestrial and marine habitats. We’re proud to support Youthwise and look forward to the findings of the Youth Council. »

The TUI Care Foundation’s participation in the Youthwise initiative is part of its commitment to promote and care for the development of young people’s skills, a main focus of its TUI Academy and TUI Junior Academy programmes. TUI Academy provides vocational training to disadvantaged young people so they can access good quality education, work experience, life skills coaching and a better future, while TUI Junior Academy encourages young children to become environmental advocates through environmental training and provides learning opportunities for young people from disadvantaged communities.

About the TUI Care Foundation

Encouraged by the action potential of tourism, the TUI Care Foundation initiates and supports projects that provide new opportunities and contribute to thriving communities in tourist destinations around the world. By associating holidaymakers with charities, the foundation supports initiatives relating to the education and training of young people, promotes the protection of natural habitats and the marine environment, and helps local communities to develop in a sustainable way. and enjoy tourism. It relies on strong partnerships with local and international organizations to have a significant and lasting impact. Founded by TUI, one of the world’s leading tourist groups, this independent charitable foundation is based in the Netherlands.

About the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organization that works to build better policies for better lives. Our goal is to promote public policies that promote prosperity, equal opportunity and well-being for all. We rely on 60 years of experience and knowledge to prepare the world of tomorrow. In close collaboration with public authorities, economic and social actors as well as representatives of civil society, we establish international standards and propose solutions based on evidence in response to the challenges of today’s world. From improving economic performance to creating jobs, from promoting effective education systems to combating international tax evasion, we are a unique forum and knowledge center. We put data, analysis and advice on public policies at the disposal of leaders while facilitating the sharing of experiences and good practices between countries and actors of change.

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