The Russians add an anti-drone cage on a tank: the turret can no longer rotate

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With the threat of drones, new protective “cages” are appearing on Russian armored vehicles and tanks in Ukraine. However, an image shows that this solution is not particularly effective: by welding the cage directly onto the chassis, the tank’s turret can no longer rotate 360° and is forced to shoot forward only.

A weak point: above

At the start of the invasion, the Russians saw many battle tanks being destroyed by the Ukrainian FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles, recently delivered by the United States. The principle is simple and effective: instead of heading directly towards the heavily armored chassis of the tank, the missile will impact from above, where the armor is lighter. The Russians then try to reduce the effectiveness of this missile by welding metal cages above the turret (tweet below). However, these cages proved insufficient against the Javelins… and did not protect the Russian tanks against other Ukrainian anti-tank systems.

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