The PR agency Hereban wins the tender for the Israel destination

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Since 1er March 2023, the Hereban agency represents the PR of Israel. Karine Foraud’s team will therefore work together with the Israeli Tourist Office in Paris after winning the tender from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

Israel conceals tourist wonders well beyond the traditional Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv or Eilat. The wide network available to the Hereban agency will work, alongside Laurent Gahnassia and Maguy Sitbon, to publicize the countless cultural, environmental and sporting surprises as well as hotel excellence beyond quasi-universal places. And although the country is small, there are many such places.

Hereban is responsible, among other things, for PR events, press trips, relations with influencers and giving greater but also new visibility to the destination.

Mazel tov (good luck) as the Israelis would say.

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