The new spearhead of the Pakistani army: the AKINCI TİHA combat drone

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As part of strengthening military cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey, Pakistan’s acquisition of AKINCI SİHA combat drone is an important milestone. In recent years, the two nations have cemented their defense ties, with Turkey providing military equipment and training to its South Asian ally. The arrival of the AKINCI SİHA drone marks a major step forward in this relationship and underlines Pakistan’s commitment to modernizing its air defense capabilities.

Pakistan strengthens its air fleet

The Pakistani Air Force has just unveiled a new addition to its inventory: the AKINCI TİHA unmanned combat drone. Revealed to the public for the first time, this high-tech drone echoes Pakistan’s previous acquisition of the Bayraktar TB2 SİHA. It demonstrates the country’s continued commitment to strengthening its air defense and strategic partnership with Turkey.

A strategic partnership between Pakistan and Turkey

These two acquisitions are just a reflection of the ever-evolving relationship between Turkey and Pakistan in the field of defense industry. Information about Pakistan’s purchase of the AKINCI TİHA and Bayraktar TB2 SİHA was first reported in June 2022. Since then, the Pakistani military has trained its pilots in the use of these sophisticated drones, reflecting its intention to make full use of these systems.

The mystery surrounding the number of acquisitions

Although images of the AKINCI TİHA and Bayraktar TB2 SİHA have been shared on social media, the exact number of these combat drones that Pakistan will acquire from Turkey remains a mystery. In parallel, it is also reported that the Pakistan Air Force is interested in specific munitions such as miniature bombs and the MAM-T, amplifying speculation around the future capabilities of these drones.

A step towards a strengthened defense capability

The AKINCI TİHA, capable of carrying a wide variety of ammunition, symbolizes a new stage for Pakistan in defense. The ability of these drones to use almost any ammunition an F-16 fighter jet can use makes them a key part of Pakistan’s air fleet. Furthermore, their acquisition underscores Pakistan’s ambition to develop its military might and remain a key player in the global defense arena.

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