The message from the Moroccan National Tourism Office

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The Moroccan National Tourist Office would first like to present its condolences to all the families of the victims and to salute the general mobilization and the exceptional outpouring of solidarity shown by Moroccans to save the victims and provide them with assistance.

To deal with the situation, the emergency measures, subject to instructions and constant monitoring by His Majesty the King, from the first moments following the earthquake, saw the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces, local authorities , law enforcement services and civil protection teams, as well as the ministerial departments concerned. His Majesty the King has given His Highest Instructions to promptly continue the relief actions carried out on the ground.

In this context, representatives of the Moroccan tourism ecosystem bring to the attention of their international partners the following elements:

The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the villages of the mountainous region of the rural commune of Ighil (150 km from Marrakech) where the majority of collapses and human losses were recorded.

In Marrakech, the situation is under control and has returned to normal. Authorities have located the few buildings that suffered damage in the medina. These buildings have been secured.

The hotel structures, built in compliance with seismic standards, were not affected. The professionals of these establishments managed the situation with professionalism, as close as possible to the needs of their clients.

Moroccan airports are experiencing normal activity; People wishing to return to their countries were able to do so without difficulty. Almost all flights to and from Morocco are maintained and most airlines have relaxed the conditions for postponing or changing tickets.

Throughout the country, public places, restaurants, shops, cultural spaces, museums, etc. are open. In summary, tourist activity continues normally in all regions of the Kingdom.

Moroccan tourism professionals thank the partners who, on the whole, maintain activity around the destination and offer customers who wish to adapt to their postponement needs.

The Moroccan tourism sector and all Moroccan operators remain and will remain mobilized in this ordeal.

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