The Lufthansa group targets 2,000 pilots recruited by the end of 2025

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The group Lufthansa looking to recruit more 2,000 new pilots by the end of 2025 to serve in its airlines’ growing aircraft fleets. The new recruitment campaign “flybig” of the Group highlights the many fascinating facets of the pilot profession.

With his slogan “Pilot – your dream job, only better”, the new campaign skillfully avoids the usual clichés. After all, the pilots of tomorrow are more than just aviators: they are also (and above all) managers of their crews and guests on board, all in an intriguing and truly global working environment, the press release said.

The new campaign “flybig” is aimed at both newcomers to the pilot profession and already trained and ready-to-work pilots who want to join an airline of the Lufthansa Group. The Group’s flight crews come from a multitude of journeys and horizons ; and thanks to the range of employment models available, the pilot position within the Lufthansa Group can be easily adapted to a wide range of circumstances and life situations. The Group also particularly targets young women who would like to pursue a career in cockpit. But anyone looking to occupy the seats on the plane with the best views will need to demonstrate strong teamwork and people skills – “A key instrument in the cockpit: social skills”as one of the campaign messages says.

The Lufthansa Group launched “flybig” for the first time early 2023. Other promotional waves focused on recruiting cockpit personnel are planned for the coming year. In order not only to improve the image of the pilot profession but also to increase the number of applicants, the campaign also directs interested recipients to the corresponding career channels and the website of the European Flight Academy (EFA)the flight school of the Lufthansa group.

The European Flight Academy, the Lufthansa group flight school, trains the pilots of tomorrow. Its two-year pilot training includes a theoretical phase in Bremen or Zurich and practical phases in Goodyear (USA) and Grenchen (Switzerland) or Rostock-Laage (Germany). To ensure the highest safety and quality standards, all EFA flight training is conducted on a fleet of standardized advanced training aircraft. The key advantage offered by pilot training at the European Flight Academy: Lufthansa Group airlines provide the priority to its graduates to meet their cockpit crew needs.

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