The loneliness of space

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Every weekend, an image that made the news or caught our attention. Last April, for the first time, a professional photographer was able to board a U-2 spy plane and take photos at the edge of space.

A first

Blair Bunting is a renowned advertising photographer in Arizona, specializing in portraits of sports athletes. On April 14, after eight years of effort, he was the first professional photographer authorized by theU.S. Air Force to board a reconnaissance plane Lockheed U-2 “Dragon Lady”, stationed at Beale Base in Yuba City, California. Reaching 70,000 feet (21,336 m), it took superb photos of the landscapes it flew over and the frontier with space.


In the photo reproduced here, in addition to the beauty of the landscape flown over and the fineness of the layer of the atmosphere, we notice the glove of the orange flight suit worn by the photographer, which is reflected in the canopy of the plane – of which we can also see a tip of the characteristic wing, to the right of the image.

After returning to the ground, Blair Bunting lost his memory for two weeks…

The full report on this extreme excursion is available at (in English).

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