The Japanese don’t like the incivility of foreign influencers

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Japan doesn’t like incivility and even less like bad behavior being publicized. An incident occurred that left many people questioning the integrity of celebrities in the digital age. Four foreign YouTubers, including Cypriot Fidias Panayiotou, have been investigated by JR Kyushu, one of Japan’s main train operators.

In a video, this Cypriot and three friends took on a challenge: racing each other across Japan, but traveling without paying

They have been seen hiding in train toilets to escape ticket inspectors and posing as hotel guests to get free breakfasts. In a video published by Fidias

Panayiotou, the group is also seen begging for money from locals to pay for their tickets, further tarnishing their image. These antics sparked a wave of criticism from social media regulars. Many are even calling for their arrest as such behavior could tarnish Japan’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination.

They will no longer be welcome in Japan

Some commentators have expressed concern that if more foreigners behave this way, they will no longer be welcome in Japan. The Cypriot tried to apologize, however the investigation by the JR Kyushu company is ongoing.

This is not the first time that influencers have been criticized in Japan

Such actions raise questions about the responsibility of content creators and the impact of their actions on local communities. Even though these individuals seek fame and attention through their videos, their behavior can have serious consequences, not only for themselves but also for the reputation of the places they visit.

Incidents on public roads involving foreign visitors often irritate Japanese

And this phenomenon has resurfaced this year as tourists return in droves to the archipelago. Moreover, the government is now working on measures against “overtourism”. For example, the town hall of the trendy Tokyo district of Shibuya has advised against celebrating Halloween at the end of this month around its main station.

It’s not tomorrow that influencers will respect the rules

Content creators must consider the cultural and social norms of the locations in which they film and respect local communities. You believe in it ?

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