The Italian group Alpitour wants to strengthen in Spain

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The Alpitour World subsidiary in Spain is recruiting two personalities from the world of tourism. These professionals come from large Spanish groups such as Globalia or Avoris. Alpitour surely wants to have a bigger dimension in Spain. It should be remembered that Alpitour is present in France with Bravo Club, directed by Patrice Caradec.

Recruitment of two recognized professionals

Miguel Angel Sanchez

Miguel Angel Sanchez held positions such as Economic and Financial General Manager at Globalia, then he was Group General Manager and, more recently, CEO of Ávoris Corporación Empresarial.

Emilio Rivas

Emilio Rivas , for his part, held the positions of general manager at Globalia for the divisions, receptive , bedbank and corporate contracting and, later, at Ávoris, leading the same general directions in the same areas, in addition to the division of Transport and international Development. Likewise, Emilio Rivas had previously worked at Alpitour World, where he held responsibilities in the management of the Jumbo Tours group, until his departure where he held the position of Deputy General Manager.

The desire to get closer to Italian activities

“Since before the pandemic, we had started a process of alignment and transformation with the main activities of our Italian parent company, Alpitour World (DMC, hotels, aviation and tour operators)”, said Ginés Martínez, CEO of the Alpitour subsidiary. World in Spain

Alpitour World cooperates with the travel group El Corte Inglès

Proof of this are the projects we have promoted since we started to emerge from the pandemic, such as the opening of a new office in New York; the launch of Contigo with an exceptional partner like Grupo Viajes El Corte Inglés ; the creation of the Green & human consortium, with a view to the sustainable development of tourism activity and which already has nearly a hundred associated companies, or the launch of The Hub, based in Cali and which offers call center outsourcing, 07/24, data loading among many others to large tourist companies”, indicated Ginés Martínez

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