The Israeli Merkava IV tank is adorned with anti-drone cages

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Faced with repeated aerial assaults from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Israeli army decided to equip its Merkava IV assault tanks with protective cages. Covering the upper part of units on the ground, these cages could help prevent the destruction of these vehicles by cheap drones and lurking munitions.

In the first days following the Hamas attack in Israel, the Palestinian terrorist organization proved formidable by targeting Israeli Merkava IV tanks. The Islamist group drops various explosives, positioning small, inexpensive drones a few dozen meters above sea level. And despite the impressive characteristics of the latest Merkava model, many units were destroyed or heavily damaged.

But the Israeli Defense Forces seem to have found a solution. Several photos circulating on X (formerly Twitter) show Merkavas equipped with grilles and cages covering the upper part of the vehicle. What to counter the waves of drones launched to attack IDF tanks?

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