The growth of sports tourism encourages Sportihome to move closer to Holidu

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Sylvain Morel, COO of Sportihome, explains: “More and more tourists are interested in sporting activities during their trip, whether sport is the main objective of the stay or not.

So much so that the marketplace specializing in sports tourism must move up a gear to deploy on a European scale. She therefore naturally became closer to Holidu, with whom she shares many common values, including in sport.

Fred Diaw, CEO of Sportihome, confirms: As the volume of reservations increased, we saw more and more hosts encountering difficulties in keeping their listings up to date on the different platforms due to lack of time and complexity. The technology provided by Bookiply allowed us to solve this problem in a simple and reliable way.

Sportihome – Sylvain COO and Fred CEO Sportihome

The craze for winter sports

Every year skiing is the number 1 sport searched on Sportihome between September and February with an average of 27% of queries;

Skiing and snowshoeing represent 34% of the volume of

annual Sportihome reservations for 24% of the housing stock. Demand is therefore stronger than supply; 20% of vacation rentals available on Sportihome are located less than 500 m from a ski slope.

The key destination: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

For the high summer season, 80% of vacation residences are booked between January and March of the current year.

Simon Bernès, Head of Sales and Account Management for France at Bookiply, says: Our goal is to further professionalize the vacation rental market in France and provide the best possible user experience for hosts and customers.

Johannes-Siebers – Holidu

Holidu, a booming vacation rental company

Holidu operates a vacation rental comparison and booking portal under the same name. Under the Bookiply brand, Holidu has created a highly effective solution for vacation rental owners.

It helps hosts generate more bookings with less effort. Hosts have access to easy-to-use software, plus personal support from market experts located in their area. Travelers benefit from a uniquely reliable booking and vacation experience.

Bookiply is on the path to success in Europe: over the past three years, the number of vacation rentals managed by Bookiply in Europe has grown from 5,000 to over 25,000 properties. Revenue generated by these Bookiply vacation rentals increased 12-fold between 2019 and 2022 (period

comparable from January to December) and represent more than half of Holidu’s total turnover. Bookiply is currently the market leader in key tourism regions in Spain and Italy.

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