The French have chosen France, Spain and Italy this summer

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This year again, Interhome reveals an increase in summer bookings from its French customers, of 5.2% in July-August and 5.9% in September compared to 2022. The French have once again shown a marked preference for France , but also a widening of the choice beyond the usual destinations in Spain and Italy, especially in northern Europe.

French holidaymakers overwhelmingly chose France, Spain and Italy in July-August

63% of Interhome’s French customers have opted for a seasonal rental within France.

Spain and Italy continue to be attractive, with 20% and 9% of bookings respectively. In addition, more French people stayed there than during

summer 2022, with an increase of 7.8% for Spain and 21.1% for Italy. A real plebiscite and surely a renewed interest in art, gastronomy or… idleness!

Other countries also fared very well: Switzerland (+6.6%), Croatia (+33.6%), Austria (+13.6%), Germany (+ 30.9%). There is also an increase in stays for countries located in northern Europe with milder temperatures: Finland (+27.8%), Belgium (+35.5%) and Great Britain (+169, 2%).

The most booked destinations on the coast

On the coast, the Côte d’Azur dominates with 14% of stays, up 1% compared to summer 2022, surpassing other popular regions such as Aquitaine (11%, up 2%), Brittany (9%, up 12.1%), Normandy, up 0.6%, and the Costa Brava (6%).

Favorite destinations? Carnac, Biarritz, Cabourg, Quiberon and Calpe on the Costa Blanca.

The types of accommodation chosen

The French mainly rented 2 and 3 star properties and they mostly chose apartments (70%).

Shorter stays and a slightly higher budget

The average length of stay for French customers was 8.2 nights (compared to 8.5 nights in summer 2022), with an average basket of €1,402 (compared to €1,352 in summer 2022).

The French waited to make their reservation

63% of French people have booked 2 to 6 months before their departure.

“The French mainly continue to stay in France, mainly on the Côte d’Azur. Despite the decline in purchasing power, the desire to go on vacation remained intact. Bookings for September exceed those of September 2022, and the increase is even greater than that recorded in July-August, which is particularly encouraging. Lower prices and milder temperatures are criteria that encourage people to take advantage of holidays in the off-season. », commented Xavier Lelièvre, Managing Director of Interhome France.

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