“The field of a thousand flowers”, the new tourist attraction of Nicaragua

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“El Campo de las Mil Flores” is located on the slopes of the Sierras de Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. What was originally a small family garden has become a colorful nursery at over 900 meters above sea level, attracting enthusiasts, nature lovers and those fleeing the sweltering heat of the Nicaraguan summer. Others come to get away from it all, for domestic tourism or to have photographic memories of a field of hydrangeas, a unique plant that only blooms in temperate climates with its chameleon colors: from pale blue to yellow, in going through white, fuchsia, purple, pastel pink, red, green and purple to name a few.

This “field of a thousand flowers” developed in El Crucero, a municipality at 945 m above sea level, in a nursery that started as a family business with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of local florists and became popular thanks the power of social media. The vast colorful and natural field captured the attention of passers-by and gradually attracted more and more people.

The nursery has 3,632 hydrangea plants, each producing between five and six dozen flowers of the light blue variety, the most common in the region. The field, whose blue dots can be seen from afar, is traversed in the form of paths and is generally used as a backdrop for photos or picnics. The place is open to the public with an entrance ticket of around €0.50.

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