The fashion for “destination podiums” galore: here is Time Magazine’s Top 50…

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Yet another long list of destinations to travel around the world, reasons to pack up and go…. it is the top 50 of the famous Time Magazine, the selection of the World’s Greatest Places 2023 created by the American magazine.

In order to establish the podium, Time invited its collaborators and correspondents around the world to launch their own nominations, with particular attention to the most recent and original experiences.

The result is a list of emblematic places and others less known, from Cairo, where the Grand Egyptian Museum finally saw the light of day, to Dijon, a gourmet paradise, passing through destinations in full redemption and recovery after a difficult past. , such as Medellín in Colombia, up to including projects that are the most respectful of the environment and sustainable development, such as the initiative of the Tuamotu Islands, in French Polynesia, which intends to set up a limited number of entries only authorizing only one foreign visitor for each local resident.

There is also Barcelona, ​​with the Sagrada Familia which may be about to see the end of its construction; the northern beaches of the German island of Sylt, two southern Italian locations, Naples and the island of Pantelleria; the Willamette Valley in Oregon, which Time calls the next Napa Valley; then Jerusalem, Dakar, or even Nagoya in Japan.

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