The European Parliament in favor of harmonization of cabin baggage

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THE European Parliament voted yesterday in favor of a harmonization of rules on the size of hand luggage accepted in the cabin, but resolution is not binding for airlines.

MEPs say airlines’ different rules on allowed baggage create hidden costs and make transparent price comparisons more difficult. Low cost airlines and also traditional airlines apply different policies regarding the size of hand luggage, including bags or crates for small animals accepted in the cabin, which is a source of confusion.

For these reasons, MEPs advocate harmonization of rules relating to the size, weight and type of hand luggage and checked baggage for airlines operating in the European Union. As this resolution adopted in the European Parliament is non-binding, MEPs are calling for the European Commission to implement a ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union, according to which airlines should not charge extra for baggage. hand ” provided that such carry-on baggage meets reasonable requirements in terms of weight and dimensions, and complies with applicable security requirements “.

MEPs also call on the EU executive to tackle other hidden costs prevalent in air transport, such as seat allocation fees.

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