The disorder in Paris is perhaps less dangerous than that of Miami!

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Currently, the demonstrations against the pension reform give a degraded image of the capital. It should be added that garbage cans, rubbish and rats scare away tourists. Miami is experiencing a resurgence of violence that imposes a curfew. We tell you more.

Paris, the city of light has become the trash citys

It is sometimes difficult to walk on the sidewalks as trash cans and trash are lying on the ground. In the evening, you can see rats looking for their food ration. The mayor of Paris, Madame Hidalgo, is partly responsible for taking “bias” for the garbage collectors’ strike. She doesn’t care about her constituents like her first shoes. A shame !

Miami City Hall imposes curfew

Another major city where violence prompts authorities to take action. The city of Miami instituted a midnight curfew after two fatal shootings and “exceedingly large and unruly crowds.”

One person was killed and another injured when violence erupted in the South Beach area last week amid spring break and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, police say.

Miami Beach police say one person was shot and killed and another was injured in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The limits of the permanent party

The party atmosphere in the South Beach area has already led officials to ban alcohol sales in clubs after 2 a.m. Police are stationed everywhere, including in mobile towers that give officers a bird’s eye view of the streets. The organization of entertainment was decided: music, yoga, volleyball… It was about giving people something to do, at least during the day.

Yet the violence continues at night. All night long

This is the third consecutive year that municipal authorities have approved such restrictions. Mayor Dan Gelber, wants to find a solution: “The volume of people in our city, the unruly nature of too many and the presence of firearms have created a peril that cannot go unchecked.” “It is clear that even an unprecedented police presence could not prevent these incidents from happening. »

Arrests galore

Miami Beach police reported at least 322 arrests on various charges between Feb. 27 and Sunday, March 19. The mayor said more than 70 firearms were confiscated. It happened despite police working up to 14 hours a day, six days a week, according to a city emergency declaration. A man was shot and died. Unclear security footage shared on social media shows a man pulling a gun from under his t-shirt and firing multiple shots, hitting another man as the crowd quickly dispersed.

Over the past week, a man has been killed and another seriously injured in a shooting that sent panicked crowds rushing to restaurants and clubs in the streets. Police arrested one person at the scene and found four firearms, but no further details were released.

Like last year

Last year, the city imposed a midnight curfew following two shootings, also on Ocean Drive. The previous year, authorities made about 1,000 arrests and confiscated dozens of firearms during a turbulent spring break that led Miami Beach officials to take steps to calm the annual festivities.

For some traders, the crowds have become unmanageable. Mitch Novick, co-owner of the Sherbrooke All Suites hotel, said the city needs to do more.

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