The Colosseum in Rome wants to avoid resales by introducing a nominative ticket

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The Colosseum in Rome is acting to put an end to the phenomenon of scams. Thus, from October 18, the nominative ticket will be introduced for all types of entry and a new ticket office will be opened in addition to the existing one.

How it works?
The nominative ticket, explains the Italian Ministry of Culture, can be purchased on, via call centers and at physical ticket offices. In addition, the on-site sales network is strengthened with the opening of a new ticket office which joins the existing one on the Piazza, thus bringing to 6 the number of ticket offices available for on-site collection of tickets intended for individual visitors, in the limit of available stocks.

The different quotas
The ministry also decided to modify the percentage of quotas allocated to sales channels: 25% of the total tickets will be allocated to b2b for tour operators and 55% of the total to the b2c platform, i.e. for individual visitors.

Winter schedule
Further changes are expected from November 1. Alongside the return of solar time, the Amphitheater Flavien will in fact be accessible from 8:30 a.m. (instead of 9:00 a.m.), to guarantee an extension of opening hours also during the winter season.

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