The chocolate woman on the pastry cart… a hotel in Sardinia had to apologize!

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A luxury hotel in Sardinia has been forced to apologize after covering a bikini-clad employee in chocolate as part of a dessert buffet.

A human resources manager expressed his rejection

Federico Mazzieri, the hotel’s HR manager, spoke on LinkedIn: “I am speechless watching this scene: a girl in a swimsuit covered in chocolate, lying among the pastries. After the first moment of dismay, I wonder, does VOI Hotels mean Vera Ospitalithas Italiana (true Italian hospitality), but what does that mean?”

Federico Mazzieri – LinkedIn photo

What do Alpitour managers think of this representation of the female body? How can you publish these corporate values ​​on your website: tradition, passion and pride that are found in all VOIhotels structures? One of the characteristics of these hotels is its family atmosphere.

Exposing a woman’s body is likened to that of a dish to satisfy someone’s mischievous eye. I’m on vacation with my fourteen-year-old daughter and his comment was: “Dad, it’s disgusting, it’s not a country where you can flourish as a woman”. Talking about sustainability and ethics is very simple, bringing these corporate values ​​to life on a daily basis is certainly much more difficult…

The employee covered in chocolate

A woman’s body is not an object

The human resources manager shared a photo on his LinkedIn, describing his and his daughter’s disgust at the hotel treating “the female body like an object.”

“Last night, after a beautiful day in which many people worked hard to ensure that the many guests had a worry-free day, I was speechless in front of this scene,” wrote Federico Mazzieri.

Voi Hotel Sardinia

The hotel management apologized

Federico Mazzieri asked to speak to hotel management, the staff allegedly rejected him and claimed the dish was actually a “chocolate statue”.

After his post sparked outrage, the hotel responded by offering “to you, your family, and in particular your daughter, as well as our guests, the most sincere apologies from all management .

“We deeply regret this incident. …We are taking immediate action to address this matter constructively and to ensure that no customer feels offended in any way in the future”

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