The CAT becomes essential for public authorities

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The CAT (Confederation of Tourism Actors) today endorsed the membership of the UNAT – National Union of Tourism and Outdoor Associations chaired by Michelle Demessine (Secretary of State for Tourism from 1997 to 2001), of the GHR (Groupement des Hôtelleries & Restaurations de France) chaired by Didier Chenet and USC (Union Sport & Cycle), chaired by Pascale Gozzi.

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On this occasion, Eric Abihssira, confederal vice-president of the UMIH was appointed secretary general and Didier Chenet, president of the GHR, was elected treasurer.

An essential interlocutor for the public authorities

With the membership of the UNAT – National Union of Tourism and Outdoor Associations, head of the social and solidarity tourism network in France, of the GHR, the fruit of the gathering of the GNI, SNRTC and SNRPO and of the UNION Sport & Cycle, the first professional organization in the sport and leisure sector, the CAT becomes at the beginning of 2023 the natural and essential interlocutor of the public authorities. The CAT thus intends to influence the definition of public policies in favor of tourism, in close consultation with Olivia Gregoire, Minister in charge of Tourism, and Bruno le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance.

Accelerate transformations

This enlargement of the CAT is part of the project to strengthen its actions, initiated by the renewed governance of the CAT last September under the chairmanship of Jean-Virgile CRANCE, president of the GNC. For the year 2023, the members of the CAT wish, in consultation with the public authorities, to define the appropriate measures to amplify the resumption of our activities initiated in 2022 and to accelerate the implementation of the transformations necessary for sustainability and attractiveness of our sector.

Jean Virgil Crance

Tourism: an important industry for the French economy

Jean-Virgile CRANCE: “The public authorities must understand that our industry cannot be seen as an acquired sector, a strong contributor to the French economy, but also as an essential vector of social cohesion through its contribution to the well-being of our fellow citizens. . The CAT, by combining the technical expertise of its various organizations, will support this awareness with its strong involvement within the CFT and the interpros and proposals in favor of the competitiveness of our sector and the departure on vacation of the greatest number. of our fellow citizens. »

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