The British spent 5.77 billion euros in France in 2022

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The British spent £4.9 billion (5.77 billion euros) in France last year, according to a study by Dealsdaddy, which analyzed the latest travel data published by the UK Office for National Statistics.

However, this is a decrease of 5.4% compared to the money spent by the British in 2019. With an inflow of 4.9 pounds sterling, France was, in 2022, in 3rd place in terms of expenditure by British travelers. , with Spain taking the top spot with over £11 billion, followed by the US with £5.2 billion.

The same data also shows that Britons spent an average of £87 (€102.05) a day when staying in France in 2022, 22.54% more than in 2019, with inflation explaining the rise. daily expenses. For comparison, they spend up to £126 a day in Luxembourg, and only £85 a day in Italy.

The British spent 5.77 billion euros in France in 2022 2 Airlines and Destinations

Also according to the same statistics published in May 2023, France was the third most visited country by travelers from the United Kingdom in 2022, with 7.4 million recorded trips from the United Kingdom to France. Compared to 2019, the number of trips fell by 28%.

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