The 7 innovative trends in tourism in 2023, according to a press relations agency…

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3 years after all the upheavals linked to the pandemic, how will the French people spend their holidays this year. The press relations agency EDISSIO conducted its investigation, and reveals its results. Well, it is above all a question of highlighting a few little-known companies and everyone goes there with their sometimes erroneous or very incomplete forecasts.

Personalized stays?

42% of French people intend to go on vacation during the first months of the year. The occupancy rate for hotels and campsites in France in 2022 exceeded that of 2019, the year before the health crisis.

Professionals in the tourism sector also reveal a growing appetite for personalized stays.

Wellness holidays are also on the rise, with 59% of French people saying they are more open to the idea of ​​treating themselves to a relaxing stay

The 7 most anticipated tourism trends in 2023:

The freest: Le Boat, for freshwater sailors

The coziest: Tal Ar Galonn, comfortable and warm accommodation

The most economical: Cozy Cozy, for travelers lacking inspiration

The most innovative: Travel Prime, travel by subscription

The most personalized: MyLittleTrip, a tailor-made trip adapted to your needs

The most local: an experience to find adventure at the end of the street

The most geeky: My Tour Live, a travel experience for technology lovers.

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