Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google makes life easier for travelers

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We had already mentioned that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the travel agent profession (see the article). But the future traveler will also be able to organize their trips via Google and Bard AI. The American giant has integrated its services such as Google Flights, Google Hotels and Google Maps. As a reminder, Bard is a conversational artificial intelligence service, similar to ChatGPT, but the integration into a user’s data allows it to become a personal concierge. It’s only a beginning!

It will soon be easier to plan our next vacation from start to finish thanks to artificial intelligence

Google’s Bard AI service recently rolled out several new features that will benefit travelers both when booking their trip.

In an article written by Yury Pinsky, director of product management at Bard, the service offers an example of how the service can be used for travel planning: “If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or New York , you can now ask Bard to fetch dates that work for everyone in Gmail, find real-time flight and hotel information, see airport directions on Google Maps, and even watch YouTube videos about things to do there, all with just one click.

Google Flights

Google Flights goes further

The ability to link Google Flights to Bard can help travelers find discounts on flights or find additional destinations to visit. Google Flights recently introduced new tools to predict when a traveler can get the best deal on a flight.

For travelers interested in trying Bard, it is currently available for free at

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