Thalasso n°1-Ôvoyages: the 20th anniversary celebration with the teams

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We had mentioned this anniversary which was important for Raouf and Samia Ben Slimane (ICI) Raouf affirms that the tour operator Thalasso n°1 and Ôvoyages has become the 1st independent TO in France. It’s possible, but we haven’t checked. In any case, we feel a beautiful energy.

Raouf Ben Slimane spoke

“ March 1, 2003_ March 1, 2023, an important date for Thalasso N°1- Ôvoyages. that of 20 years, which should have been marked by a moment of joy and sharing with those who make this tour operator which I am proud to say is animated by a beautiful collective soul.

In 20 years, we have become the 1st independent French tour operator and that says a lot about our strengths and our values…thank you to all our teams and our partners.”

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