Tension rises in the Middle East: the United States bombs Syria

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Over the past twenty days, American Forces in the Middle East have recorded 16 drone, rocket and missile attacks, all organized by Iranian elements or supported by Iran. In response to these attacks, the US Air Force then bombed two Revolutionary Guard Corps installations in Syria.

American F-16s over Syria

On October 26, explosions were recorded in Syria. Some thought of new Israeli attacks, this was not the case! In a Press release published on October 26, the Pentagon confirmed that US President Joe Biden ordered the strikes in self-defense. Combat planes, identified as F-16 Fighting Falcons belonging to the US Air Force, struck two sites used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in eastern Syria.

A response to Iranian attacks

This is a proportionate response to the numerous attacks (16 recorded) against American elements in the Middle East since October 7, 2023. There have notably been several rocket and drone attacks on the Al Assad air base (Iraq) , the Al-Tanf base (Syria),… and an attack of three missiles and several drones against the guided missile destroyer USS Carney (DDG-64, Arleigh Burke I class). In total, these attacks slightly injured 21 Americans and one person died following cardiac arrest.

Several videos and previous announcements confirm that the anti-aircraft and C-RAM defenses of several American bases in the Middle East had come into action. Concerning the USS Carney, the missiles were intercepted by a volley of medium-range RIM-66M/SM-2MR anti-aircraft missiles.

The press release specifies that this action in Syria was deliberately limited and only against Iranian elements. On the other hand, in the event of new deliberate attacks against American elements, new “measures could be taken”:

“(…) but these Iranian-backed attacks on U.S. Forces are unacceptable and must stop. (…) If attacks by Iranian proxies against U.S. Forces continue, we will not hesitate to take additional steps necessary to protect our people.

The press release finally specifies that these strikes are in no way coordinated with the Israeli Armed Forces or have any direct link with the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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