Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion: extension of catering services and commercial premises

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Faced with the summer influx, the airport Ben Gurion of Tel Aviv announced the extension of catering services and commercial buildings.

The airport improvement project aims to make transit easy and quick, with pleasant and welcoming waiting areas. It will take place in two phases. The first phase will see the addition of 11 new food outlets, followed by a second phase of adding five more, before the planned expansion of the Duty Free area. There will then be cafes in Terminals 1 and 3, a pizzeria, a bakery and a café in the Terminal 3 lobby, as well as a packaged ready-meal sales complex, an Asian restaurant and a delicatessen.

These improvements will allow a better reception of tourists and businessmen who arrive in Israel via Tel-Aviv airport, which is expecting an influx of 25 million passengers during the summerexplains the Israeli National Tourist Office.

Israel welcomed 376,400 international tourists in May 2023 (+51% compared to May 2022) and 1.6 million between January and May 2023 (+115% compared to 2023). Among them, 26,600 French tourists were recorded in May (+5% compared to May 2022), and 114,500 between January and May 2023 (+44% compared to the same period in 2022). France is the second sending country in the world, behind the United States (103,800 arrivals in May 2023 / 443,100 for January-May 2023) and ahead of Germany (22,200 arrivals in May 2023 / 96,000 for January- May 2023) and the United Kingdom (21,900 arrivals in May 2023 / 94,500 for January-May 2023).

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