Singapore Airlines has formally launched its international in-flight connectivity service as part of a US$50 million program to bring Internet and mobile data services...

Singapore Airlines has formally launched its international in-flight connectivity service as part of a US$50 million program to bring Internet and mobile data services to its customers throughout their flights.

Following a recent soft launch on a limited number of aircraft, Singapore Airlines’ in-flight connectivity service is today available on 14 aircraft in its fleet. These include all five of SIA’s Airbus A340-500s, which the carrier deploys on the world’s longest non-stop flights, between Singapore and both Newark and Los Angeles.

Singapore Airlines has an extensive long-haul fleet. Among the many aircraft in the fleet are five Airbus A340-500s, which the airline has configured in all-business-class configuration. Each of the A340-500s has just 100 seats and they fly some of the longest routes in the world, including the well-known Newark-Singapore non-stop flight which takes about 19 hours. Another route operated by SIA’s A340-500s is the Los Angeles-Singapore route, which became a ‘green’ flight – which uses advanced air traffic management operational procedures to save fuel – on May 16, 2011


SIA has also extended its in-flight connectivity services to markets such as Australia, for which regulatory approvals had not previously been obtained.

Using the service, travelers can surf the Internet, send and receive emails on smartphones and other electronic devices, and send and receive SMS text messages with GSM-compatible mobile phones.

Through a partnership with connectivity provider OnAir, the technology will be progressively rolled out across all of SIA’s long-haul Airbus A380, A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft over the next two years.

Singapore Airlines, which operates the second-largest fleet of Boeing 777s in the world (including a sizable number of 777-300ERs, like this one), has upgraded the interiors of many of its Boeing 777s


Services are offered on routes on which equipped aircraft are deployed, subject to regulatory approvals from individual countries. A map highlighting availability when flying over specific countries is published in SIA’s KrisWorld in-flight entertainment magazine.

Singapore Airlines has introduced promotional price plans for wireless Internet access. The promotional prices, which will last until November 30, are US$25 for 30 megabytes of data and US$10 for 10 megabytes of data. The previous plans cost US$29.95 for 26 megabytes and US$11.95 for 10 megabytes.

A joint promotion with SingTel also enables SingTel Mobile subscribers to enjoy discounted roaming rates of up to 40 per cent for in-flight text messaging and GPRS data services, as well as up to 20 per cent for incoming and outgoing voice calls. The discounted roaming rates are displayed on SingTel’s corporate website and the joint promotion will last until March 31, 2013. For more information, visit

Singapore Airlines became the first airline to operate the Airbus A380 superjumbo, in October 2007


“As our customers’ preferences towards entertainment and connectivity options change over time, so must we,” says Tan Pee Teck, SIA’s senior vice president product & services. “Mobile and Internet connectivity capabilities are just the start, enabling our customers to stay connected even when flying at 35,000ft. There will be much more investment in the months and years ahead to keep our customers both connected and entertained.”

“We have always been a leader in embracing technology and are confident that these initiatives will both meet and exceed our customers’ high expectations, keeping us at the forefront of airline product innovation,” adds Tan.

In addition to its US$50 million investment in in-flight connectivity services, SIA says it is working to bring the next generation of in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings to its customers.

These offerings will include the latest hardware systems with new screen and handset technology, in addition to much more video and audio content. SIA expects to announce details of its new IFE products in the coming weeks.