TARMAC Aerosave celebrates ten years of its Teruel site

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Alongside the celebration of ten years of its second site, TARMAC Aerosave inaugurated a new double bay hangar for Airbus A380s.

On September 14, TARMAC Aerosave celebrated the tenth anniversary of its second site in Teruel (Spain)(as a reminder, Tarbes opened in 2007, Teruel in 2013 and Toulouse in 2017), by organizing a visit day and a evening on the site for its customers and partners. After a visit to the site and its activity areas (storage, maintenance, recycling), a new double bay Airbus A380 hangar was inaugurated in the presence of representatives of the government of Aragon and Emma Buj Sanchez, mayor of Teruel.

450 planes welcomed in Teruel in ten years

This new hangar will make it possible to meet the growing demand from customers, aircraft owners and airlines, attached to the site for its capacities and its weather conditions. As part of this development, numerous recruitments are open for technician and mechanic positions. During the anniversary ceremony, the first ten employees, recruited in 2013, were honored.

From 2013 to 2023, TARMAC Aerosave welcomed 450 aircraft to Teruel (1470 for the three sites) and put more than 290 aircraft back into flight (1000 for the three sites).

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