TAP Air Portugal unveils its new brand identity

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TAP Air Portugal presents in a press release its new brand identity, placing the motto “Embracing the World” (Embrace the World) at the heart of its message and its actions.

The new positioning of the TAP brand aims “to strengthen the airline’s connection with its customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders, and to increase its awareness in key markets around the world through a new and creative marketing strategy”indicates the first Portuguese airline. This identity renews the brand personality of the Portuguese carrier “by making it more welcoming and fun” highlighting “his spirit of openness to the world and adventure”. The announcement of TAP’s new positioning was one of the highlights of the event which took place at the company’s headquarters in Lisbon, in front of a specially invited audience of employees, to celebrate the new, more inclusive positioning, of the brand.

The objective of TAP’s new positioning is to express “the connection of Portugal with the world and the connection of the world with Portugal, awakening the typically Portuguese curiosity of every traveler”. “Embrace the world” represents the “TAP’s desire to discover, explore and broaden horizons with an open and warm mind”.

The new TAP brand positioning was also revealed to the general public, with the brand signature and identity appearing online on flytap.com, as well as in an advertising campaign in key markets. TAP also teamed up with the Portuguese musician Brankowho rebranded himself by writing a song called “Embraces the World.”

To find out more about the new brand identity, TAP suggests watching its film “Manifesto” on YouTube and consulting the official website: abracaomundo.flytap.com.

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