Switzerland: a body found in a hotel several days after the death…

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This type of story is not common, as it is expected that housekeeping will be done every day in a hotel establishment. The body of a young man was discovered last Friday in a hotel in the suburb of Frauenfeld (a town located between Zurich and Constance); the room service would not have realized that the guest had died for several days…

The body was found several days later

According to the site Blick.ch, a hotel employee found the person and then called the police. According to reports, the body remained in the hotel room for several days. Blick.ch claims to have learned from an informant that the body could have remained in the room “up to three weeks”.

The deceased under 30 years old would have died of “natural death”.

The deceased was between 20 and 30 years old and died of “natural causes”. According to investigations carried out by the police and the public prosecutor, there is no crime. Death is said to be natural when it results from a known or unknown pathological or physiological state. Death is natural only if violent death (physical violence or acute intoxication) can be ruled out.

The identity of the deceased has been established and his relatives have been informed. Officials at the affected hotel did not provide further details about the incident.

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