SWISS: higher salary and improved working conditions for its cabin crew

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SWISS And kapersthe cabin crew union of the Swiss subsidiary of Lufthansa, have jointly developed a new collective agreement of work (CCT) which includes numerous improvements.

All the stewards And flight attendant of SWISS will see their full-time basic monthly salary increased by 400 CHF (approximately the same amount in euros). The new agreement also provides for a 2% salary adjustment based on inflation and an increase in spending rates. SWISS is also investing in the quality of life of its cabin crew with the new agreement.

Cabin crew members will receive their roadmap monthly one week earlier than before, on the 18th of the previous month, to help them better plan their social lifeand will also be assigned seven days free fixed each month in the monthly roadmap. The agreement also proposes new models of part-time employment, for example for parents or students. Cabin crew members will also in future be able to choose between a 13th partial monthly salary and an variable income depending on the commercial success of the company. Another innovation, SWISS cabin crew will now also be paid for their monitoring duties. The new CLA also responds to the different individual needs of cabin crew, offering new part-time working models with more variable degrees of employment, more flexible change opportunities over the course of a year and a range wider options for reducing workloads for older staff », Indicates the Swiss company.

.Over the next five years, SWISS announces that it will invest around 200 million Swiss francs over the next five years in the working conditions of its cabin crew via the new CCT. Kapers members will vote by December 19 to decide whether or not they accept the new agreement “CLA24”. “This is a top priority for me, as we also want to reach an agreement on our common future with our largest staff group,” says Dieter Vranckx, CEO of SWISS. “I am therefore delighted that we now have a collective bargaining agreement which represents a real investment in our cabin crew and provides tangible added value for everyone involved. » “The new agreement not only increases the salaries of our more than 3,500 cabin crew,” continues Vranckx. “It meets their individual needs better than before and, in doing so, helps improve their quality of life.” »

In accordance with Kapers regulations, the new CCT will now be subject to a 15-day consultation period. Kapers members will then vote between November 25 and December 19, 2023 to decide whether or not to accept the new CCT. If approved, the new CLA24 will then come into force on January 1, 2024.


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