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The airline company Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is launching a new free option for usingInternet on its long-haul flights: the use of messaging Whatsapp-like instants.

From Wednesday August 2, 2023, passengers of the Swiss national airline will benefit from all long-haul flights free internet access for the use of instant messaging such as “WhatsApp”. The new service is available “in all travel classes for the duration of the flight and with no data limit”. SWISS customers who wish to use other functionalities, such as internet browsing, consulting their e-mail or social networks, can choose between two additional passes offered from 25 Swiss francs.

The passengers of the company Star Alliance will be able to exchange messages and images free of charge from their phone, laptop or tablet, for the duration of the flight. This applies according to its press release to “all common instant messaging services” including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

To browse the internet, check your e-mail or even social networks, two additional passes will be offered: “Wi-Fi 4 Hours” at 25 francs (for a duration of 4 hours) and “Wi-Fi Premium” at 35 francs ( for the entire duration of the flight). Passengers traveling in First Class or HON Circle members enjoy unlimited free access.

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer of SWISS, said: “ This new WIFI service formula is a major step forward. Free and unlimited access to instant messaging allows our passengers to stay in touch with loved ones and business partners throughout the flight. Complementary passes allowing you to browse the internet, consult your email and unlimited social networks. Our passengers will be able to choose how they want to stay connected to the world without restrictions during their SWISS long-haul flights “.

Whatever the formula (free, “Wi-Fi 4 Hours” or “Wi-Fi Premium”), the data is unlimited. This allows passengers to view bandwidth-intensive content without difficulty. In order for it to be equitably accessible to all travellers, access to streaming videoson the other hand, is disabled. However, SWISS passengers can play video content from social networks and access audio streaming services, as well as cloud and VPN services.

Customers can also consult the digital SWISS Magazine without even connecting to the internet. In addition, passengers can now register for “Travel ID” and “Miles & More” in order to have easier access to the internet offer and also benefit from many other advantages during their trip.

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