SWISS: a plane takes off from Zurich without a single suitcase

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A plane of SWISS connecting Zurich to Bilbao arrived at his destination on Saturday without a single bag in the hold, due to a lack of ground staff at Zurich airport.

Upon arrival from Bilbao, Spain, the passengers waited Saturday evening, in vain, for more than two hours, in front of the conveyor belt for the arrival of their luggage, reports the daily Blick. The plane took off with 111 passengers but no luggage on board. “There was a lack of ground staff“, explained a SWISS spokesperson toAFPadding that the crew had initially waited for the situation to be resolved.

But after more than an hour “the situation was still unchanged and, for operational reasons, we decided to make the flight to Bilbao without luggage“. For good reason, it was also necessary to pick up the passengers in Bilbao on the return flight and return to Zurich before the airport closed for the night.

Upon takeoff from Zurich, the crew apologized for the delay in takeoff from Zurich, without however mentioning the decision to abandon their luggage. The passengers claimed that no Swiss personnel were present on the ground in Bilbao and that they then waited more than two hours to collect their luggage before staff from the Spanish airline Iberia informed them that the plane had landed without luggage on board.

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