Sweden takes the SMART-L long-range radar from Thales

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With its capabilities and range of 2,000 km, the Thales radar will help strengthen and expand Sweden’s capabilities in terms of ballistic missile detection and space domain surveillance.

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The Swedish Army Materiel Administration (FMV) and Thales have signed a contract for the supply and installation of an unspecified number of SMART-L Multi Mission long range radars. “These radars will help maintain the sovereignty of Swedish airspace by providing superior air situational awareness capabilities at all times. Away from the front lines, these long-range radars are essential assets in gaining and maintaining sovereignty of the airspace”, underlines the French industrialist. Especially when you’re not far from an aggressive neighbor.

Range of up to 2,000 km

“Designed to detect and track multiple long-range targets, these radars provide continuous monitoring and location of friendly and enemy air platforms.” But not only. With an instrumented range of up to 2,000 km, the SMART-L Multi Mission (MM/F) system can extend Sweden’s capabilities in ballistic missile detection and space domain surveillance.

Land and naval versions

Similarly, “thanks to its digital architecture and its AESA antenna, it can be easily modernized to respond to the emergence of future threats, throughout its life cycle”. Land and naval versions of the SMART-L MM radar are now operational with the Royal Netherlands Navy and Royal Air Force.

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