Surprising winter holidays: the French escape

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In the travel operator sector (on and off line) the winter holidays are marked by a very significant increase in business volume: +44% compared to the same holidays in 2022 and +21% compared to those of 2019 (before Covid).

While the number of French people going on winter holidays using the services of a travel operator is up 13% compared to 2022, it remains down 16% compared to winter holidays 2019.

The family budget devoted to holidays (average basket) explodes : +44% compared to 2019 and +27% compared to 2022. This change is the result of the rise in the price of plane tickets, the weakening of the euro against the dollar and the fact that French people who have the means to go on holiday “let go”.

For the first time in three years, travelers favor long-haul destinations up 31% compared to last year: Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mauritius, Mexico, Thailand, Tanzania. These 6 long-haul destinations are in the top ten! While France and medium-haul destinations (Spain, Morocco, Tunisia) are down slightly (-13%). Which, for households that traditionally traveled to the Mediterranean basin, is explained by trade-offs in favor of constrained expenses (food, fuel, energy, etc.) to the detriment of the holiday budget.
Unless the French who hesitated to leave their country for health reasons are totally uninhibited.

*Period February 4 – March 6. Data from the “French Vacation Observatory” Les Entreprises du Voyage – Orchestra

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