Sunbedz: finally an application to facilitate the reservation of deckchairs!

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Developed on the model of VTC applications, the Sunbedz app will be launched on June 1 and will allow holidaymakers to book a deckchair by avoiding being faced with endless queues…

Secure reservations and optimize the occupancy rate in the beach clubs

Sunbedz aims to offer a simple, complete and user-friendly reservation space for individuals, while minimizing the level of constraint for professionals, who benefit from total freedom of management on the platform. Thus, they define themselves the price, the locations and the number of deckchairs dedicated to the reservation via the application, as well as the possible promotional operations that they wish to set up. They also have the possibility of refusing entry to their beach to users of the platform who, for example, do not respect the policy of their establishment in terms of dress.

Designed on the Airbnb model, vacationers can cancel their reservation up to 48 hours before the chosen date. Beyond this period, the reservation is due. Informed of the reservation by a notification system, the beach clubs can thus gain visibility on the management of their park, put the deckchair back on the market in the event of cancellation and optimize their real occupancy rate, and therefore their turnover. ‘business.

In addition, the application bears all bank transaction fees. The service costs related to the use of the platform in the amount of 2.50 euros are the responsibility of the customer.

Gain of visibility for professionals, choice of the right establishment for holidaymakers

The beach clubs enrich their profile with photos and descriptions to highlight their location, its environment, as well as the infrastructures available and the services offered (catering, services, equipment rental, etc.). They can also give details about the atmosphere of the place and the target audience (family, relaxation, festive, etc.).

Sunbedz thus offers a real showcase for professionals, beach clubs or hotels with a swimming pool, which open reservations to external customers. For holidaymakers, it is also the guarantee of choosing the ideal site, in line with their desires and as close as possible to their holiday destination thanks to geolocation.

A free management tool for professionals

While 55% of private beaches in France do not have a website and existing booking management tools are often very expensive, Sunbedz provides professionals with a free solution for monitoring their activity via its application.

They have access to a back office on which they can manage their entire fleet of deckchairs, including those not assigned to the application, monitor the progress of reservations in real time and set up promotional operations to strengthen their customer relationship.

In addition, a feature allows beach clubs or hotels to offer personalized formulas (deckchair / catering / bar consumption) at preferential rates.

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