Summer 2023 vs. summer 2022: destinations with the biggest price variations

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A downward trend on the plane ticket prices in comparison with the previous season persists, although increases are noted. On the occasion of this review of the summer of 2023, the Liligo comparator returns to the destinations displaying the biggest price changesboth up and down.

In terms of low prices, it is the less coveted European capitals, offering cooler temperatures, which are doing well in the ranking of top price drops this summer. Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dublin make up the majority of the top 5 destinations whose prices have fallen the most compared to summer 2022.

Top price drops
Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dublin respectively show decreases of -20%, -12%, -11% and -8% compared to last summer. Furthermore, Florence, the only city not to be a capital, is the destination with the biggest drop in prices this summer: -28% cheaper than last year. The Italian city was accessible this summer for €187 round trip for one person departing from France.

Top price increases
Among the cities which increased the most this summer compared to last year, we find two overseas destinations at the top: Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre, with increases of 35% and 33% respectively. %. Following suit are Cagliari (+31% vs. 2022) and Ajaccio (+21% vs. 2022). The Corsican capital, which is one of the most coveted destinations this summer, was accessible for €278, an increase of +21% compared to last year but still down -5%, compared to 2019.

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