Summer 2023: the favorite destinations of the French, according to Liligo

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Marrakesh, Lisbon, Porto… were the favorite summer destinations of the French for the 2nd consecutive year, according to the Liligo travel search engine.

This summer, southern Europe again attracted the French, with more than half of the ranking of the 10 most popular destinations. Portuguese destinations such as Lisbon and Porto or Spanish destinations such as Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca were accessible at reasonable prices with return flights ranging between €145 and €228 for a return trip per person departing from France .

But it was Marrakech which dominated, for the second consecutive year, the ranking of most searched destinations this summer and maintained its leading position. The Moroccan city, which is very touristy during this summer period, was accessible for a round trip on average at €308 per passenger, i.e. +10% compared to last year and -13% compared to the pre-covid period. The Portuguese destinations Lisbon and Porto occupied the 2nd and 3rd places in the ranking, also for the second consecutive year, with an average round trip at €244 per passenger departing from France for Lisbon and €215 for Porto.

According to research on Liligo, foreign destinations attracted more French people this summer (44% in 2023 vs. 42% in 2022). The ranking of the top of the most searched destinations shows 7 foreign destinations out of 10. In French cities, only Ajaccio, Pointe-à-Pitre, in the overseas territories, and Nice appear in the ranking, respectively in 6th, 7th and 8th place.

It is not surprising that the three favorite destinations of the French for this summer coincide exactly with those of last summer. The French do indeed want to travel and go first and foremost to destinations that are easily accessible from mainland France. It’s another great season for Europe which continues to dominate the rankings in numbers, although prices are up somewhat from last summer. “, deciphers Guillaume Rostand, spokesperson for Liligo.

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